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Final Wrex by NZealo
Final Wrex
His gone through a few changes, but this will be the last time.. For I give you Wrex!!
Ikkuma l CotA l Talesha by NZealo
Ikkuma l CotA l Talesha

Little girls open for rps, just give me a holler if your interested.

Name: Talesha
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Seppala Siberian Sleddog
Height: 22 inches
Weight: 43 pounds
Build: Talesha is a small little gal, longed legged and light weight, though is build slightly heavier then most along her chest. Even though she's the smallest out of her litter, Talesha makes up for it in stamina and speed. Her small body keeps in heat and drags less against the wind. Talesha's ears are also smaller for her breed.
Accessories: A leather collar and leather harness lined with wolf fur and fangs. -Will draw later-

Tribe: Ikkuma
Position: Team dog
Handler: Silvestia -Will create later-

Personality:  Talesha's generally a mellow gal, takes the hits of life and keeps going without much of a flinch. She can tolerate a LOT of crap and keep a happy, cheery mood as if nothing happened. She can easily be seen as friendly, but most of the time... She'll keep to herself. Talesha doesn't approach strangers, while she'll smile and give a friendly nod to say hello, she's very wary of them and always keeps her guard up as if expecting the worst.

Even though she's mellow and friendly, Talesha is extremely dominant and wont take much crap from someone who's pissy and trying to boss her around. If feeling threatened or challenged without cause, she goes on the assault no matter what the odds are. When another tries to show her "her place" the little gal turns a new leaf and is all teeth and bite with a lot of growl and snaps. While she might be seen as aggressive, in reality, she's all defense. She'll stand her ground and not back down until the other gives or leaves her be.

Work, work, work, and more work. She loves it, loves to do what she's good at. But she's not all giggly when she does it. The gal pulls a serious face and push's hard and keeps at it. She doesn't really think about it, just does it. No complaining, no talking, just keeps on going. That's how she likes it, and anyone pissing off on the job can quickly get on her nerves. First times ok. Second, you better stop. Third time, YOU SON OF A B*TCH!

+ Positive Traits: Mellow l Friendly l Protective l Hard worker l No push over
- Negative Traits: Dominant l Wary l Quit l Defensive l Bossy  
Goal: Work hard and keep on going.

History: Talesha was born in Illamar and from a litter of three. Her parents were shadows to their humans, meant to protect and be family companions to their owners. Life as a pup was pretty easy, plenty to eat, time to play, be care free. The plan for the pup was to be like their parents, be friendly shadows for their humans. But not Talesha, no.. She had her eyes on being on a team, pulling a sled, working hard, and seeing the world. However, her mother disagreed completely. Her mother wanted her to be that shadow, follow the humans, be that quit little pet.

It didn't quite work out... As Talesha go older, she became more and more restless, wild, and uncontrolled. The humans didn't know how to handle her.. So they gave her to more suitable hands. But the man they gave her to wasn't like the others, he was harsh, quick with a whip, and struck out for reasons that were unknown to the young growing teen.

The first time it came, it came hard and cracked against her hide without warning. It was the first time she had been hurt by a human and it came quickly as a surprise. Her first reaction was to yelp as the burning sensation overflowed her nerves. So it went on, the second, third, fourth time.

But one day when her owner came with the switch one following night. She prepared, teeth barred and fur stiff as quills and stayed back towards her little house that she was roped to. When the man closed in, she lunched and snapped upon his arm again and again, until her face was red with blood.

He fled that night, but came by the next day.. But this time he wasn't alone. There was others, watching, listening, as the man pointed his good hand towards Talesha and talked in their funny language. Out of habit, She rose and barred her fangs, expecting the man to try and come again with his whip and strike pain upon her flesh like he had done so many times before.

Others tried to approach, tried to get close, and each time she lunched. Like a wild animal trapped in a corner, she roared with rage and snapped at any like a blue eyed devil that they had all seen her become. No one dared come near, those that did quickly fled after receiving a snap from her fangs.

It stayed like that for almost a year... And as time went by, she learned to become more ruthless, more violent towards the men that approached. Until one day, a brave dog walked fourth and gave her a talk. Asked her why she acted the way she did. So she told, told her how the man used to come and bring the switch upon her flesh. The dog only nodded, walked fourth, and snapped the leather wrapped around her throat, and told her to go. And so she went.

And for some time she wandered, no ties, no rules, she was free to do what she wanted... And for a bit, she did, however, the Seppala wasn't meant to roam without care. She couldn't find enough food and quickly became weak. Then one following night, she tried to steal food from a human camp. It almost worked... Except she got caught... Kind of.. She ended up snagging herself on some strange material and ended up stuck inside the hut that she was trying to steel from.

During her freak out, a little girl came and tried to approach. At first, she was all snap and growl, trying to get free from the thing that had caught hold of her limb. But then, the girl brought something over, something that smelled to good for Talesha to resist.. It was food. Lovely smelling food, and the snapping and snarling quickly flew away as she eyed the food that was laying inside the girls hand. Without a fight, she allowed the girl to approach and hand her the food which she took eagerly.

Then after that, things kind of went with ease. She allowed to girl to approach, untie her bound limbs and eventually... She stayed.. Accepting the little girl that was willing to feed her and show her kindness that she had missed since she had been a pup.    

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